Worldwide community for travelers

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Travelling has fuelled civilization of mankind. Humans shouldn’t lose out on it. Commuting the same route day after day isn’t natural. People need to take short trips. Vacations are required to take off mundane stress. Think of this entire planet as your home. Travelers make the most likeable dates. They got such amazing stories to share. Their travelling habits makes them better people. They don’t take themselves way too seriously. Travelers can adjust and adapt to changes. It feels nice to be around them. So many people are into world tours these days. Do these modern age Marco Polos have a worldwide community?

Couch Surfing

In fact they do. Worldwide communities for travellers exist in the online and offline world. It was not long back, Couch Surfing transformed the life of solo travellers. It started as a website and soon transpired into practice, allowing people to host travelers at their apartments. It allowed hosts to listen to their stories. It inspired people to travel solo. Besides homestays, events such as Couch Crashing became popular. It is basically a gift economy. Hosts are not allowed to charge their guests. It was a gesture to welcome people into one’s country. It was about making friendships and mainly about community.

Overcoming fears…

World is often portrayed as a dangerous place. Media, education and regressive friends feed that thought into us. It takes courage to get out of one’s comfort zone. People don’t dare to travel into the unknown world. Potential travellers are discouraged owing to prejudice. All places are as welcoming as any. People in all regions are friendly. To unravel that truth, you need to travel first hand. Else a travel community instills that sense of confidence into you. All humans are one and the same, irrespective of cultures, religions, nationalities and races.

Traveller groups on social media

Social media is quickly becoming a worldwide community of travelers. There are tons and tons of Facebook groups. Most of them focus on homestays, travel partners and bloggers sharing stories. Some of these groups have 100k members and more. There are tons of Facebook pages regarding the same. The website makes it easy to make friends. Groups such as ‘MeWantTravel’ are popular with travelers of all ages, genders and places of origin.

Reddit has some intense conversations on travel. Follow the talks on r/travel/ and r/shoestring/. The website has plenty of engagement in the last couple of years. Most people overlook Quora for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, they have a strong community of travellers from around the world. Try topics such as ‘International Travel’, ‘Visiting and Traveling’, etc… People with filled out profiles info are often legit.

Log in to twitter and follow hashtags such as #TTOT. The Couch Surfing hashtags will be #QOTD, #travel, etc… Instagram has some picture based stories for aspiring travelers. When it comes to Twitter and Instagram, you will be surprised with the number of people out there who share common interests with you. There are endless travel blogs and travel blogger communities.