A Full Guide Regarding Main Currencies of Mini Golf King

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In digital time we can enjoy the many sports in our palm by mobile gaming. For the golf lovers, the PNIX is presented the Mini Golf King game. The game is all about golf matches, and it is simple to play. Send playing requests to online friends or worldwide rivals. Challenge golf courses are giving us an authentic playing experience. The game is specially designed for android mobile, and we can install it by playstore or official game website. It is free to use, but for better enjoyment, we need to pay some money.

How is the currency used in the game?

Each stage of the game is full of ultimate matches, so we need some tools for playing. For that, you have to spend some amount of currency. In the gameplay, coins and gold is a significant currency to level up. The individual can check out some smart tricks like the Mini Golf King Cheats 2020 for obtaining currency. In this article, we are describing more about both types of currencies.


Coins are the first currency for us, and the users should manage the right amount of it. We can buy new equipment for playing well by investing in coins. Smash many matches for wining enough amounts of coins.


In the game, gold is premium currency for unlocking some special things. You can get some additional rewards by spending it. Save some gold bars for further challenging tasks.